Adblock Plus has been updated!

What’s new?

At Adblock Plus, we aim to continue to provide functionality that makes your internet browsing experience better. Here are a few things we’ve been working on:

Continued improvements to ad blocking

Many websites look for new ways to prevent Adblock Plus from blocking annoying ads. Our goal is to stay ahead of these ever-changing sites and help you stay ad-free!

Block more distractions (Premium)

We've added functionality to help remove annoyances like newsletter popups, push notifications, floating videos, or surveys to make your browsing experience even more seamless. This functionality is turned on automatically for new Premium users.

Fewer anti-adblock walls (Premium)

Coming soon! You may have noticed that more sites are beginning to ask you to turn off your ad blocker when you visit. We’ve introduced a new feature for Adblock Plus Premium that reduces the number of walls that ask you to turn off ad blockers, so you can see fewer ads overall and continue having a good browsing experience.

Fewer anti-adblock walls (Premium)

Coming soon! A new list will allow you to access the content you want without seeing cookie prompts on every site. Learn more about Adblock Plus Premium.

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